Safe Care Mission International Society was initiated as a response to the desperate need for safe, quality child care in the Baja of Mexico. Many people live below the poverty line, working for poor wages and living in conditions that are sub-standard. Often, families find themselves vulnerable due to poor housing construction, lack of services and unmanageable rents and living costs. Children are especially at risk as parents often have no other alternative but to leave them home alone, unattended while they go out to work in order to provide for their families.

Safe Care Mission seeks to show God’s love to these families by providing free daycare to children in a safe, clean, and loving environment. Staffed by caring workers, children are given nutritious meals, structured play, rest and learning times and are sent home with clean clothes at the end of each day. Transportation is provided to and from the daycare.

Safe Care Mission also operates an Orphanage to provide loving and stable care to children whose families are in crisis. These children are not orphans in the true sense of the word but victims of various unfortunate circumstances where it is not possible for them to continue living in their present family settings. Safe Care Mission’s long-term goal is to reunite these children with their families once situations have improved and the families have achieved stability.

Safe Care Mission believes in the importance of education as a means to helping build a road to sustainability and end the cycle of poverty. The Day Care provides age appropriate education and activities and the Orphanage facilitates academic achievement by ensuring that the children are attending school and by supporting their learning. We embrace a holistic approach to care by focusing on the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the child and partnering with their families in this process.


Daycare Building

Take a trip down the Baja, Mexico and you will see incredible scenery, desert flowers and blue sky stretching into the Pacific Ocean. You will also see mile after mile of agricultural farms growing strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and more.
In each of these fields, migrant workers work long days for very little pay. Most of these workers are indigenous people who have come from remote villages on mainland Mexico, or are now living in the Baja as second generation workers. Many of the parents who work in the fields have no alternative but to leave their children at home unsupervised which puts them at considerable risk.

Recognizing the need for safe, quality day care, the founders of Safe Care Mission, Wayne and Claire Wagner, wanted to act on their compassion to serve the needy in the Maneadero area by opening up a much needed, free-of-charge Day Care. The Wagners had worked south of Maneadero for 6 years already when they began this new journey.

The Day Care opened in August, 2009 in a rented house with 5 precious children. As word spread and numbers grew, a larger building was found and it also quickly grew to capacity. It wasn’t long before it was necessary to provide a small orphanage, created with the goal of ultimately keeping families together. Parents and most often single moms, are given a ‘helping hand up’ while they get back on their feet and put their house in order so that they can successfully care for their children.

An ideal property was located on which to build a new, more functional day care facility and we broke ground on the new building in November, 2010 with the footings being poured soon after. As the funds were procured, construction continued and the walls were up by March, 2011. The Daycare building is now almost completely finished, running smoothly with around 40 children in care each day.

In January 2016 the new Orphanage building on site was completed. We have approximately 20 children living in residence at this time, looked after by two sets of Mexican houseparents.

God has been faithful so far in providing for each need.

How We Work

Daycare Kids

Safe Care International Mission holds a firm belief that we are all created equal and precious in the eyes of our Father in Heaven. Each person reflects the face of God and should be loved, valued and respected as such.

Understanding the importance of relationship, we interact with the families of our children and as a result, even greater needs are being met as Safe Care reaches into the surrounding neighborhoods and work camps providing food, clothing and valuable play time.

We have a working relationship with a local doctor who comes to the Day Care and the Orphanage for a monthly visit to do checkups on both the children and the staff. Along with physical needs being met, Safe Care believes that is important to have a holistic approach, addressing emotional, mental and spiritual needs as well so that children can be given the opportunity to grow up to reach their full potential. Education and awareness are a part of our daily focus as we address the different aspects of healthy living and of building up and maintaining strong, positive families.

The Orphanage exists as a stepping stone towards this goal of helping to equip families to create within their own homes an environment that is both safe and supportive. We feel more comfortable calling it a “Restoration House” because the goal is to restore families to a place of togetherness in a healthy environment.

At times it is the parent’s own choice to release their children into care in order to give themselves time to work, enter rehab programs or take whatever steps are necessary to make their home one that is not at risk. Safe Care is also a contact point for the local Social Service agency and they will at times initiate the process of bringing children into care at the Orphanage. It is highly rewarding to be a part of the story when children are reunited with their families and able to then go and live together at home.

Wanting children to thrive and to find comfort during their time of transition, they live in the Restoration House along with a family and the mom and dad are house parents to all. They operate as a family; eating, playing, doing homework and chores together. This gives the children a sense of security, helping them to realize how a healthy family functions and gives them hope for their future. The parents of the children in the staying at the house come for visits, maintaining their important role in the children’s lives and often weekend visits home are arranged when it is beneficial.

Both the Day Care and the Restoration House are completely self funded, meaning that they receive no monies from either the parents nor from the government. Many of the children at the Restoration House are school aged and this means that Safe Care provides their uniforms and necessary school supplies as well as payment for all school fees.

We are grateful for the financial support of those who have seen fit to generously give to this worthwhile cause and we continue to have faith that God will always provide.


Maneadero Map

We are located about 20 minutes south of Ensenada in Baja California or about 90 minutes south of Tijuana along the Pacific Ocean. The town of Maneadero is home to approximately 15,000 people who are mainly employed in the agriculture industry.
Maneadero is backed by small mountain ranges and its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and a warm Mediterranean latitude create mild year-round weather.


Wayne and Claire Wagner
In 2000, Claire Wagner finished bible school at Peace River Bible Institute. That was the year that Claire received her calling to missions work, and both Wayne and Claire had already chosen to serve God in whatever way that He called them to. They attended Mission Fest in Edmonton, Alberta and as a result by 2002 they were volunteering at an Orphanage in Baja, Mexico.

Wayne and Claire served at this mission in a variety of positions. The first sixteen months of their service they were house parents for as many as 10-12 children from ages two to sixteen. Claire was then placed in the position of Nursery Supervisor where she served for the next 2 and a half years. In October 2008, Claire was moved to the position of Daycare Supervisor. After Wayne’s service as house parent and maintenance, he was placed as Facility Supervisor where he served in maintenance and construction.

May 2009 saw the Wagner’s beginning a new journey of serving our God in another needy area of Mexico: Maneadero, Ensenada, Baja California. This location is just about two hours south of San Diego, CA, where they were called to start a much needed daycare ministry. By faith and trusting in the Lord, they started this daycare by the end of August. By faith we know that God has been and will continue to provide for all of their needs.


The majority of our Staff are local, national people and we feel privileged to provide not only a job, but also occupational training which will be an asset for them in the future as well.
The Staff are all considered volunteer until we are at the point where we can pay them a salary on a regular basis.

We continue to rely on faith, prayer and the knowledge that God will provide for every need as we strive to do His will.

If you would like to sponsor one of these volunteers, please contact us for more information.

2017 Board of Directors

(Top left to bottom right) Kurt Dewar, Don Porter, Connie Mae Mendez, Claire Wagner and Stephen Glanfield.